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About WeCanApps Software

Helping other people, a dream come true!

    The idea of ​​starting an assistive software development company came from the success of the first version of the WeCanSpeak application. As soon as the first messages of thanks and support from users came out, I realized I was on the right track and could do so much more. 

     Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - ALS took my mobility, but failed to meet my willingness to meet challenges. My more than twenty years of technology experience would be my gateway to a productive life, despite all the physical difficulties.

   Eye tracking technology for computer control was paramount to my autonomy and, especially, to strengthening my self-esteem. With an eye tracker like the Tobii PcEye Mini, or even the popular and affordable Tobii 4C, you can do it all on your computer. From just connecting to the world through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or a simple Email, to doing professional work like book editing and proofreading, text translation, image processing, video editing and also, as in my case, develop systems and websites. 

    The desire to do more is enormous and as long as God allows me, I will continue to seek solutions to improve my life and share my ideas with everyone here on the site.       

       José Afonso Braga


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WeCanApps Software 

Made by those with special needs for those with special needs!
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