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One year after the launch of its first version, the WeCanSpeak communication software, designed and developed exclusively to expedite the process of conversation, was completely redone based on suggestions from users and following the latest trends in technology. This new version was developed exclusively for computers running Windows 10 operating system, which has native support for eye tracking equipment such as the popular Tobii 4C. Do not waste time. Type less and talk more with the new WeCanSpeak.

New WeCanSpeak

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User Dictionary

In WeCanSpeak, you can create your own dictionary, not only with words, but with complete sentences that fit your everyday life.


Conversation History

In WeCanSpeak, you don't waste time typing in previously typed phrases. Quickly retrieve any message from the current session in Conversation History.


Advanced Search Engine

In WeCanSpeak any dictionary entry is easily and quickly recovered by typing a few letters thanks to its advanced search engine that ignores uppercase, lowercase and accentuation.


Focus on ease for users

Made exclusively for talking

Universal, configurable and free

All this and much more ...

With WeCanSpeak in addition to creating your dictionary of words and phrases and have access to a history of conversation, you can read and write text files. This gives you the option of writing long texts in your favorite text editor, such as Microsoft Word, and then loading it into WeCanSpeak to talk. You must save the file in TXT format.

Want more?!?

To cater to the most demanding users, we have made a PRO version, with unique and advanced features such as MP3 audio recording, which enables you to send voice messages to people and groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and also via email. WeCanSpeak PRO also has the interesting instant language translation, with which you can write in your native language and speak in any other language.

WeCanApps Software 

Made by those with special needs for those with special needs!
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